HHJB CASA Event Feb 28 - Mar 3 2019

Need 24 games to qualify for post season

Ladies need 34 games for  TOP Female Awards

Individual awards require 45 games

No more roster changes

5th League money due Feb 15th

Lancaster County 8 Ball League

Local players. Local control. Local community.

Volunteers needed:

Saturday February 9th 12 noon: Enclose Riverside deck with plastic for Smoking Area for HHJB

Wednesday February 27th 8pm: Remove Riverside property to lock box and ready venue for CASA event

Thursday February 28th 10 AM: Setup Riverside as venue for HHJB and CASA event

All weekend: 50/50s, Raffle ticket sales, custodial

Sunday March 3rd 7pm: Remove event setup, restore Riverside property

Charity Entry Form.pdf Charity Entry Form.pdf
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Under 8 Eligibility 2019.pdf Under 8 Eligibility 2019.pdf
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schedule 2018-2019.xlsx schedule 2018-2019.xlsx
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Above65PlayerAvg Feb 7 2019.pdf Above65PlayerAvg Feb 7 2019.pdf
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Player Standings Feb 7 2019.pdf Player Standings Feb 7 2019.pdf
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Weekly Standings Feb 7 2019.pdf Weekly Standings Feb 7 2019.pdf
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League Manual.doc League Manual.doc
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