HHJB CASA Event AKA Snow Event is over

Need 24 games to qualify for post season

Ladies need 34 games for  TOP Female Awards

Individual awards require 43 games

ALL League Money to TINY ASAP!

Lancaster County 8 Ball League

Local players. Local control. Local community.

Charity Entry Form.pdf Charity Entry Form.pdf
Size : 430.879 Kb
Type : pdf
schedule 2018-2019.xlsx schedule 2018-2019.xlsx
Size : 14.569 Kb
Type : xlsx
Below64PlayerAvg.pdf Below64PlayerAvg.pdf
Size : 19.218 Kb
Type : pdf
Above65PlayerAvg.pdf Above65PlayerAvg.pdf
Size : 55.306 Kb
Type : pdf
Player Standings Final.pdf Player Standings Final.pdf
Size : 34.935 Kb
Type : pdf
Weekly Standings Final.pdf Weekly Standings Final.pdf
Size : 154.446 Kb
Type : pdf
League Manual.doc League Manual.doc
Size : 181.5 Kb
Type : doc

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